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Interviews and resources where Kate & Katie of The Private Practice Startup have been featured.

Online Counseling Podcast Interview: Tips for Technology Assisted Counseling

Kate and Katie were honored to celebrate Episode 50 with Clay Cockrell on his Online Counseling Podcast! We had a blast being on the flip side of a podcast interview. We answered one of the top questions psychotherapists have when it comes to starting an online counseling practice: What needs to be in my informed consent? Listen now to hear our tips for technology assisted counseling aka TAC. We all know that there are certain paperwork needs for private practice, but how do those needs change when we bring technology into the picture? Be sure to listen to the end for our huge giveaway!
For more information about our a la carte paperwork or paperwork pacakges, click here.

Abundance Practice Building Podcast: Fun with Data! 

Kate and Katie were featured on Allison Puryear’s podcast where they discussed various marketing systems and strategies for private practice. Listen now to get tons of practice building #ninjatips and #valuebombs.  

Brighter Vision’s Podcast: The Therapist Experience

Selling The Couch Podcast: Creating a Positive Culture in Private Practice

Kate and Katie were featured on Melvin Varghese’s podcast. Selling the Couch has been a Top 15 “New and Noteworthy”, Top 30 Career podcasts on iTunes, featured in Psychology Today and Good Therapy. On this episode, they discuss how to create a positive culture in private practice. Listen now to Episode 141 to gain tips on private practice culture and much more! Marketing Your Supervision Practice Webinar

During this 90-minute web conference, Dr. Kate and Katie will share the business strategies and clinical supervision skills they have developed over the last decade. They will describe strategies for supervisors to develop a clear vision, style, and philosophy. In addition, they will cover specific strategies for creating and marketing a successful supervision practice.

Learn More: Marketing Your Clinical Supervision Practice

The Pivotal Leader Podcast with Gina Trimarco

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco spoke to Katie Lemieux and Dr. Kate Campbell, co-founders of The Private Practice Start Up and discussed what it takes to be build a private practice and be an evolving entrepreneur.
Topics Discussed:
  1. The business side of having a private practice
  2. Scaling beyond “hours for dollars”
  3. Being clear about ideal clients and your “why”
  4. Overcoming the scarcity mindset trap
  5. The importance of having a with vision, mission, culture first
  6. Creating systems
  7. Making sure to “self five” yourself whenever possible

Interview with Katie Lemieux called “The Beauty of Chaos” on Kimball Stadler’s Hotdog Marketing Podcast

Ever feel like your business is in total and utter chaos? We all have days that we’d like to wipe off the calendar and start over. As an entrepreneur, how do you stay positive when the money isn’t coming in like you expected? How do you not let clients get under your skin? Do you spend time celebrating the “ta-das” in your business or get stuck in the “to-dos” of what you have to get done?

Join Kimball Stadler CEO of Top Dog Marketing and host of the Hotdog Marketing Podcast as she interviews Katie Lemieux on how to see the “Beauty of Chaos”!

 Listen to the episode here

Interview on Lisa Wozniak’s Woz Marketing Online Show:

"Private Practice Paperwork Essentials"

Interview on John Harrison's True Calling Project:

Ep. 17 - Getting Clear on Your Vision and "Why" with K2 Visionaries

Brighter Vision Webinar

Top 6 Mistakes in Private Practice & How to Avoid Them