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5 May 2017

Top 7 Podcasts You MUST Listen To!

Hey, Startup Nation! You know we’re super passionate about helping clinicians, whether recent graduates or seasoned veterans, on their private practice journey from startup to mastery. We offer weekly podcasts from experts in the field of mental health, business, marketing, and legal issues to ensure you get the very best information you need for your...
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11 Jan 2017

How Content Marketing Can Make You Money

Marni Feuerman, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy, joined our podcast to teach us all about content marketing, and ways that Startup Nation can reach their ideal client! FIRST, we want to let our valued #StartupNation know about these three incredible opportunities! Join our exclusive Facebook group. Here you can...
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22 Dec 2016

5 Ways to Emotionally Connect with your Clients

Dave Ake, the Editorial Director at, absolutely loves his job. This online therapist directory has the mission of helping people find good therapists and advocate for ethical therapy. With a degree in political science, army combat veteran, Dave found his calling in the therapy field. Before we start, we want Startup Nation know about...
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13 Dec 2016

3 Steps to Get Out Of Your Own Way

Stacy Boegem is a superstar. Receiving a law degree from Tulane after completing her college education at UNC Chapel Hill, she has since been featured in the Wall Street Journal as well as being named one of the 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County in 2015. Stacy has drive and passion when it comes to...
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2 Dec 2016

Brand Your Mission in 5 Steps Now!

Meet Alexandra Figueredo, talented Author, Speaker, Trainer, Singer-Performer and Journalist, this energetic “mission-preneur” is avidly passionate about all things, mission related. A term she coined herself, “mission-preneur” refers to mission driven entrepreneurs, who are purpose driven people wanting to make a strong impact in the world. Her company, the Mission Based Branding Institute, was born...
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15 Nov 2016

3 Tips for Online Counseling

Stephanie Cook, LCSW, has more than a decade of clinical experience in the mental health field. With a two-year clinical fellowship at Emory University following her Master in Social Work degree (where she was awarded ‘Student of the Year’ at the University of Georgia MSW program!), she has definitely mastered the field of Social Work...
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7 Nov 2016

The Essentials of Online Counseling

Clay Cockrell, LCSW, is an expert when it comes to online counseling. Being featured on CNN, Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, and The NY Times this counselor has paved the way in the industry for online therapy. After moving to New York, Clay opened up a small practice because of his ‘love of...
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1 Nov 2016

Attract Clients through your Website Now

Kat Love is the founder of and a psychotherapy website designer. Her appreciation of therapists stems from the powerful healing that therapists helped her achieve due to her own childhood sexual abuse history. Because of this, she has dedicated herself to creating websites for those in private practice. Currently living in Greece, and a...
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27 Oct 2016

7 Tips to Building your Private Practice Network

Erika Garrett, currently a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, who is in the works of launching her private practice, Alcove Therapy! She is extremely passionate about people and is a helper at heart. She states that her true calling is working with individuals, families, and couples to explore their circumstance, envision new possibilities and...
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24 Oct 2016

5 Steps to Improve Your Private Practice SEO

Jeff Geunther is a therapist with over ten years of successful private practice experience. With a passion for Search Engine Optimization aka SEO, he has been teaching healthcare workers how to acquire more clients through their digital assets since 2005. In 2015, Jeff created Portland Oregon’s number one mental health directory, consistently ranked first for...
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