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Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork for Mental Health Professionals

Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork


At K2 Visionaries, our top 3 values are passion, quality, and collaboration. We’re committed to adhering to the best practices within our work and are passionate about helping other mental health professionals practice to the highest standard ethically and legally. We’ve worked for YEARS perfecting our paperwork and recently collaborated with an attorney who is an expert in the mental health arena to fine tune our Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork.

We offer the paperwork individually and in package format. For more information on our Supervision Practice Paperwork, CLICK HERE, and for more information on our Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork, CLICK HERE.


Base Package: Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork

  • Total Value for this package $327
  • Consent, Policies & Agreement for Insurance & Self-Pay Practices
  • HIPAA Documents
  • Biospychosocial Intake & Client Information Forms (Child & Adult Forms)
  • Release of Information
  • Process/Progress Note Template
  • Mental Status Exam & Diagnosis Form
  • Treatment Plan
  • Documentation and Communication Form
  • Welcome Letter

Peak Package: Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork

  • Total Value of $569
  • ***This package includes ALL of the Base Package forms (in the left column) PLUS the following:
  • Discharge/Termination Summary
  • Suicide Risk Assessment & Client Treatment Compliance Agreement
  • Letter of Progress
  • Media Consent Form
  • Phone and Video Therapy Consent Form
  • Email Confidentiality Form Template
  • Assignments of Insurance Benefits
  • Superbill Template
  • Collection Letter
  • Sliding Scale Agreement

Supervision Paperwork for Florida Chapter 491 Clinicians

  • Supervision Contract
  • Hours Log
  • Welcome Letter & Instruction Letter
  • Accepting a NEW Intern Letter
  • TRANSFER Intern Letter
  • Attestation Form
  • Ethics
  • Core Competencies
  • Quick Reference Guide for your Interns
  • ***Please know that you can find the Ethics, Core Competencies, and Attestation Form online, but we added them to the supervision package for your convenience. They are not included as part of the price, rather just ease of having all the tools handy for your supervision practice.