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The Private Practice Startup Podcast inspires mental health professionals across the globe to brand themselves and grow their dream private practice. Contact us today to discuss how sponsoring The Private Practice Startup Podcast can boost your brand awareness, create instant credibility, enhance customer relations and sales!

Why Sponsor?

Exposure to Our Captivated, Engaged, and Highly Targeted Audience

With The Private Practice Startup Podcast, our audience aka “Startup Nation” is highly targeted to focus specifically on mental health professionals in private practice or preparing to startup their private practice journey. Startup Nation is comprised of 13,000+ (and growing daily) ambitious entrepreneurs across the globe who are engaged with us and captivated by The Private Practice Startup Podcast. Startup Nation listens to the podcast at convenient times for them such as while they’re exercising, driving to or from work, etc, which makes makes podcasts one of the most powerful media resources in our tech savvy society.

Referrals with Instant Credibility

By sponsoring our podcast, you gain instant credibility with our highly targeted audience, because they already know, like, and trust us. As co-hosts, Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT have worked worked long and hard to develop a trusting relationship with each member of our community. We create relationships with all podcast sponsors, because it’s important to know their products and services before giving our endorsement. All sponsors receive a 60 second mid-roll spot PLUS a testimonial endorsement by the co-hosts, giving instant credibility as mentioned above. Sponsorships are meant to be fun and engaging as if a friend or colleague is sharing the info with you. When we recommend a tip, resource, service, and/or product, our audience listens and takes inspired action!

Strategic Sponsorship Placement with Guaranteed Reach

Our podcast sponsorships are strategically placed in the middle of the podcast, which increases listening opportunities due to listener engagement.  Your logo with a back-link are placed on our podcast sponsorship page increasing your SEO. Something unique about our podcasts is that we send the podcast player code to each guest expert for their episode. Our guest experts place the podcast player on their website and blast to their network as well so it’s double the exposure! We also have the ability to check the stats on each episode to know precisely how many people listened to the episode with your sponsorship. Pretty cool, huh?

Meet Startup Nation, Our Epic Audience

Our audience aka “Startup Nation” is comprised of ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to build, improve and grow their dream private practices.  We have listeners both nationally and internationally.  We have to tell you, not only have the podcasts been SUPER fun for us to do (just listen for yourself), we have also met some really cool people, advanced our own entrepreneurial skills and continue to create a global network of other liked minded entrepreneurs.

Podcast Sponsor Success Stories

  • “Being a sponsor for the Private Practice Startup podcast has been nothing but a positive experience. Not only are Kate and Katie fun to work with, they have been extremely generous in supporting me and my own business. It has been a true partnership! Besides that, it has helped me promote my services to a whole new audience and even receive about 70 new leads in the first 3 months of being a sponsor.” -Daniel Fava of Create My Therapist Website

The Private Practice Startup Podcast

Evergreen Marketing!

Podcast sponsorships are an incredible opportunity to maximize your ROI by investing in marketing efforts that are EVERGREEN, meaning that you pay for the slot once and your ad runs for a lifetime. Your sponsorship is constantly being heard by new ears, long after it first goes live. Our previously released podcast episodes are re-posted on our social media channels to attract new listeners, increasing sponsorship exposure.

Exposure to New Listeners

Ambitious mental health professionals in private practice and those preparing to embark on their journey in private practice are finding out about The Private Practice Startup Podcast daily. When Startup Nation hears an episode of our podcast, they go back and listen to previous episodes, which gives sponsors additional exposure to new leads. They are also sharing and recommending our podcast to their colleagues and friends.

What Others Are Saying...

the private practice startup podcastI love these podcasts because Dr. Kate and Katie provide a FREE resource to learn things we as private practitioners did not learn in school. They provide practical information which we can immediately incorporate in our practices. They have relevant guests on the show who bring another dimension of valuable information to us. This podcast is great to keep handy when you have free time while cooking, driving, and doing chores, etc. I have listened to many of them and I look forward to each one! Great and useful in each podcast!-  Laurie Shoats, LMFT

Loving the podcasts! They are very inspirational and include valuable information for anyone who is considering private practice or those who are already on that journey. I especially ike the question posed at the end of each about what the professional featured has learned from their experience thus far. Keep it up! – Franchesca Fontus

Kate and Katie offer valuable information with every episode in a super-fun and engaging format! I look forward to the release of each episode. Valuable information for clinicians in private practice. – Yolanda Harper, LCSW

An excellent resource for those interested in starting, growing, or maintaining a private practice. Really relevant info hosted by successful clinicians. – Sean Davis, PhD, LMFT

Working with Dr. Kate and Katie has been such a great experience! It’s an honor to collaborate with them on different projects including a podcast and webinar on branding. I love having the opportunity to share my knowledge on branding with their audience. I highly recommend the podcast to anyone starting a practice. They are fully packed with knowledge and valuable tips. Looking forward to co-creating more projects in the future together. – Claudia Zebersky

I am a graduate student in clinical psychology doctoral program and I know I want to work in private practice. My program doesn’t offer any business-related courses or any information about opening your own practice. This podcast is helping me understand what I need to learn in order to be prepared for successful entrepreneurship. – Anonymous

Kate and Katie are powerhouses for us in the field. And the podcast is just another way they are so great. Excellent information and very inspiring! – Aprile Andelle, LMFT

This is a great podcast full of information and helpful tidbits!!! Such a huge help when creating a private practice – Leeenie

You guys are awesome! The podcasts are helping so much in my own private practice development! Keep it up ladies! 🙂 – Kristina Fecik, LMFT

As a social work major who is in the process of wanting to open up my own private practice, these resources are so incredibly helpful. I am grateful for a site that caters to my field – I’ve never seen anything like it. The podcasts are awesome! – Bridget Reviera

This podcast saved me so much time, an invaluable resource! – Jonathan

Dr. Kate and Katie have done a great job providing an exceptional resource for seasoned and inspiring private practice professionals! – Brent

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