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Episode 60 – 3 Questions About Google AdWords Answered

Startup Nation, listen now to Eric Vlahos discuss the 3 Questions About Google AdWords Answered.
3 Questions About Google AdWords Answered

Show Notes

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Startup Nation, Meet Eric Vlahos!

Eric Vlahos is a Google AdWords Specialist at Unconditional Media,a digital marketing company dedicated to helping practices manage and grow their online presence.

Eric has been helping small businesses grow their presence digitally for more than three years. He got his start managing his father’s laundromat Facebook pages, and now helps therapists all across the United States establish and grow their practices using digital marketing.

He has worked alongside startups around the Northeast Ohio area to develop actionable marketing strategies to grow their business. In addition, he has also worked on a digital marketing team at a multi-billion dollar coating and sealant company to help grow their subsidiary brand’s online presence and sales.

In his free time, you can find Eric mountain biking, hanging out with friends, traveling locally, and making jokes whenever he can.

Startup Nation, Eric was a blast to have on our podcast and totally rocked the mic while discussing a topic he is most passionate about: 3 Questions About Google AdWords Answered. For more info about our podcasts, webinars, online courses, private practice coaching, or attorney approved private practice paperwork, visit

Show Notes: 

  1. What is Google AdWords?
  2. How Can It Be Used For My Practice?
  3. How Does It Differ From Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


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  What’s up #StartupNation!?!  We’re so excited you’re here. In case you’re new to our community, I’m Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT (on the left) and my business partner aka “BP” Katie Lemieux, LMFT is on the right. We have a blast co-hosting the The Private Practice Startup podcast, where we inspire your private practice journey from startup to mastery. We both built our thriving, 6-figure full-fee private practices from the ground up and love working with ambitious mental health professionals across the globe who want to brand themselves and grow their dream private practice. Listen now for awesome practice building ninja tips, trick, hacks, and resources!

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TherapyNotes integrates all aspects of your workflow to help you provide your clients with the best care they deserve and making your life a lot easier.

From easy-to-use templates to simple electronic claim submission, TherapyNotes has everything you need to maintain client records, schedule appointments, and bill insurance, right at your fingertips.

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Want to know more about the benefits of TherapyNotes? Join us on podcast Episode 54 of The Private Practice Startup where we chat with the owner and creator of TherapyNotes, Brad Pliner.