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mental health private practice

Episode 73: Online Marketing Tips for Growing Your Practice

My name is Alex Molek. I am recently married and have a dog. I have been working at TherapySites for over 3...
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Episode 72: 3 Tips for Accepting Out of Network Benefits

GreenpointMed was founded by Justin Gaines in 2016. Justin earned an MBA in Finance while studying in Manhattan and became a senior...
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Episode 71: How to Promote Yourself Without Being Salesy

  Elvita Kondili is a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC Supervisor and a Doctoral Candidate in Counselor Education and Supervision. For the past...
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Episode 70: Make Your Private Practice “Profit First”

All 4 guests are practice building coaches and consultants helping and inspiring therapist to build and grow their dream practices. Kate and...
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Episode 69: How to Scale Your Private Practice with Multiple Income Streams

Nicole Liloia of provides strategy + mentorship to women business owners who want to scale through multiple income streams. She founded...
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