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Private Practice Coaching

Are you ready to make your dream private practice a reality? Let us inspire you on your journey from startup to mastery!

You're in the right place if...

  • You want to make your dream private practice become a reality!
  • You know you want to get into private practice, but don’t know where to start.
  • You already started the process of getting into private practice and need additional ideas for inspiration and motivation.
  • You’re established in private practice, but struggling to get your ideal clients or feeling stuck in some way.
  • You want to be inspired by new ideas, thoughts, suggestions and perspectives.  
Business & Financial Management
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Modern Marketing Strategies
Brand Development

prof biz man coolHave you recently decided to open a private practice or maybe you have been pondering the idea for a while, but have some reservations and fears about taking the plunge?  Perhaps, you are already in private practice but things really aren’t panning out the way you had thought being an entrepreneur and business owner would go.  Guess what we have been in ALL those places and we have created full fee successful, thriving private practices.  Jumping into private practice is like taking a big leap hoping you will land somewhere softly especially if you have never been a business owner and dont know the ins and outs of what it takes to create and sustain a thriving private practice.

We are sure that you got great training while in school, and we are also certain that you continue to attend trainings, obtain certifications, etc. to improve your craft, but what are you doing to improve, enhance and learn about business?  Sadly, with all the education and training we have as clinicians and therapists most of us were never taught business skills or how to be an entrepreneur.   Excelling in business requires a whole other education.  Most therapists don’t learn about the necessary business, marketing, financial, and entrepreneurial skills it takes to be prosperous in private practice, but this is where we come in!  We are passionate about helping therapists fulfill their dreams in the private practice and the profession as a whole.

We are two entrepreneurial therapists who built our successful companies from the ground up and we want to share what we learned with you! Much of what we have learned has been self-taught.  We have definitely had some growing pains, bloopers, and major pitfalls.  We share these with you in many of our trainings, webinars, and online courses.   It has taken a lot to get where we are today, but it is possible.  We continue to grow, learn, enhance our practice, engage in trainings and coaching ourselves so we can give back to YOU!   We provide 1:1 and group coaching for therapists who desire to create and sustain a successful and thriving private practices.

Concierge Coaching

Concierge coaching is where you met with one of us 1:1

  • We individually assess where you are in business and identify your goals personally and professionally
  • Coaching sessions are collaborative, action oriented, and results based
  • Coaching sessions are 50 minutes long
  • Sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly
  • Sessions are done via phone or video conferencing
  • We utilize an assessment to focus on our client’s needs and goals


Group Coaching

  • Group coaching is done on the phone with up to four people at one time and a coach.
  • Group calls are scheduled for 50 minutes on a specific day and time each week.
  • Group coaching is a minimum 3-month commitment up to a year and beyond.
  • Each person is coached to his/her need in business.
  •  On the group call you get coaching on many different topics as your colleagues share their triumphs, struggles, and experiences.  It is almost like they dynamics of what occurs in group therapy!  Many things get revealed and you gain a lot of awareness, understanding and value in numerous areas.
  • Group coaching is a collaborative effort while we support, guide, advise, and facilitate the coaching     process.

We offer discounted rate packages for coaching sessions.  We can’t wait to have you aboard!  Contact us to get started.  


Topics Covered Through Coaching

prof ideas vision

Psychology behind a successful private practice practitioner

Breaking through limiting beliefs that hold you back in business

  • Learning to think and act like an entrepreneur
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to achieving a successful practice
  • Balancing your life

Successful marketing strategies

  • Learning about branding, positioning, and USP
  • Developing your vision, mission, and culture
  • Identifying your ideal and dream clients
  • Defining your target market
  • Using social media to build your business
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Building a referral based business

Managing the business side of the business

  • Reviewing and creating a business plan
  • Leads, Conversions, Margins, Revenue, Profits
  • Customer service
  • Accounting
  • Payment systems, insurance options, and private pay practices

Adhering to Best Practices

  • Best Treatment
  • Continued training
  • Ethics
  • Laws and Rules
  •  And Much More…

Webinars, Podcasts, Live Workshops & Online Trainings

Train Success StepsWe also offer Podcasts, Webinars and Live and Online Trainings. All of our podcasts are FREE, they are chock full of great info on how to run a successful private practice.  Taking advantage of these great opportunities will allow you to delve deeper into different area you are wanting to enhance your business.  We are constantly adding new things, so stay tuned and be on the lookout.  

Private Practice Coaching EXTRAS & BON-- USES

In addition, our private practice coaching webinars, workshops, and training courses come with CEUs for Florida based LMFTs, LMHCs, LCSWs and Licensed Psychologists.

The other GREAT thing about private practice coaching with The Private Practice Startup is you also get the opportunity to purchase our Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork at a discounted rate, now that’s a way to cross multiple hurdles in one leap!

Our vision is to fulfill dreams through world-class personal and professional development.   Are you ready to start fulfilling your dreams, making them become a reality?  Great, we are waiting!  Complete our Contact Form or just give us a ring 754-307-7528.  We look forward to getting to know you, guiding you and supporting you along your private practice journey from startup to mastery!  

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