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Before doing anything else, click on Start Here: Tutorial and watch the video. We want you to have the best user experience with our online course platform. We look forward to inspiring you from startup to mastery!


We offer dynamic, interactive webinars to inspire your private practice journey from startup to mastery.

We have to say we are pretty lucky nowadays with technological conveniences… no need to shower, get out of your pajamas, or even do your hair before learning and connecting with people across the globe through our dynamic webinars.  Grab a cup of Joe, water, tea or whatever your fancy, and join us for one of our informative and interactive webinars.  Webinars are a way for us to come to YOU, wherever you are!   

We are 2 therapists who built their full-fee, 6-figure practices from the ground up and we love sharing what we have learned with you.  We are also committed to the integrity of our profession as a whole and offer some of the required courses professionals need to maintain their licenses.  We host exciting and energizing webinars on a variety of topics inspiring mental health professionals in private practice on their journey from startup to mastery.   Some of our webinars even include CEUs for LMFTS, LMHCS, LCSWs and Licensed Psychologist in the state of Florida.  

Our webinars cover many different areas that help private practitioners along their journey from startup to mastery.  Some webinars are done specifically by us and we also bring in industry leaders to led a webinar on their area of expertise.  We want you to get the BEST and most current information from people who excel in their industry.  Some topics for our webinars include:

  • Dynamic branding
  • Creating a vision, mission, and culture
  • Marketing
  • Identifying and creating your ideal and dream clients
  • Busting down the blocks that bind us – psychology behind being a successful business owner
  • Building a referral based business
  • Utilizing social media to build your practice
  • Ethics & boundaries
  • Prevention of medical errors
  • And much more

We are adding to our webinars all the time, so keep checking back to see what sparks and peaks your interest.  If you have a specific interest in a particular type of webinar, send us an email regarding your request.  If it ‘s a hot topic and we are getting many requests, we will do our best to meet the needs of our audience.  

We also host webinars on specific therapy interests such as working with a specific population or through a specific model of therapy like EMDR or DBT.  

Remember you can always check out our podcasts too!  We interviewed many experts in the mental health and business arenas.  Podcasts are always free and offer great information. If you like what you see and want to stay connected, join our email list.  

Webinar Guest Presenters

At The Private Practice Startup, we’re committed to providing world-class personal and professional development to mental health professionals across the globe!  We do this in a variety of formats from webinars, online courses, free podcasts, and much more just visit to see all the services we offer.

The Private Practice Startup specifically focuses on how to build and maintain a thriving private practice. We are always looking for experts in the business and mental health arenas to host webinars on their area of expertise.  Our webinar guests are leaders in their industry, are comfortable being on a webinar, have somewhat of a techie side, enjoy interacting with others through technology, and a MUST is to be able to add fun and humor to the mix all the while put on something spectacular.  

If the above describes you, this may be a wonderful opportunity for you to share your knowledge with others and extend your reach gaining great exposure to your business.  Our network is filled with mental health professionals and other entrepreneurs, and it is always growing. 

Webinar Presenter Benefits

  • Your smiling face gets a place on our website with your contact information, business name, link to your website and webinar.  
  • It’s a great, easy way for people to get to know you both personally and professionally within a platform that they choose.  We know that people do business with people they feel comfortable with and trust.
  • Exposure to our growing network of mental health professionals and other entrepreneurs.
  • You are accessible at any time around the world (24/7/365), almost like an ER, but not really.  I mean who doesn’t like the ability to conduct business with their eyes closed?  
  • Did I mention that other than presenting on our webinar platform, we do all the work for you?  Now that is a definite bonus, for sure!
  • This also can create potential business for you!

If you are interested in further discussing the possibility, please send us an email at Make sure to include a description of the area of expertise you would like to bring to our audience. We look forward to collaborating with you!