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Welcome Startup Nation!


Before doing anything else, click on Start Here: Tutorial and watch the video. We want you to have the best user experience with our online course platform. We look forward to inspiring you from startup to mastery!

Welcome to Startup Nation!

Our passion is inspiring your private practice journey from startup to mastery!

What's up Startup Nation?!

Welcome fellow therapists, mental health professionals and entrepreneurs to Startup Nation!!  We are super excited to connect with you and inspire you from startup to mastery!

At The Private Practice Startup, our Vision is “inspiring ambitious mental health professionals to brand themselves and build their dream private practices”. We are committed to making that happen on numerous levels.  

We have a big dream…  That dream is to reach mental health professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe.  We discovered how to do that without racking up miles with expensive flights, trips to exotic lands, layovers and jet lag.  Now don’t get us wrong… trips to exotic place are awesome, but layovers and jet lag… not so much (haha)!

Since our goal is to reach mental health professionals across the world who are currently in private practice or wanting to build their dream private practice, we needed be smart and strategic.  We created the perfect solution!  At The Private Practice Startup, we provide awesome practice building podcasts, webinars and online courses, bringing YOU valuable information that will not only enhance your business, but motivate you to take inspired action toward fulfilling your goals and dreams.  We achieve our dreams by helping you succeed at yours.

So please join us on our endeavors of reaching therapists, mental health professionals, and entrepreneurs across the globe.  Are you ready to be a part of “The Startup Nation” because we are ready to have you!

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